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New Orleans Improv Festival

We are thrilled to be producing the inaugural New Orleans Improv Festival, Sept 27-29th 2019! Check out the schedule and get your tickets below.

All-Day Pass

This pass gets you into all the shows on either 9/27 or 9/28. You will receive a bracelet at the box office, for easy in and out of the theater throughout the night.

Whole Weekend Pass

This pass gets you into all the shows for the entire festival. You will receive a bracelet at the box office, for easy in and out of the theater throughout the shows.




We are thrilled to announce the improv groups that will be performing at the first annual New Orleans Improv Festival! Help us in congratulating:

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Information

What venue(s) will be a part of the festival?
This Festival will take place in the Twilight Room, which is in the back of the Allways Lounge. This theater is located in the Bywater neighborhood, which is about 25 minutes away from the Airport.

What lodging options are available?
We recommend getting a hotel room over an airbnb, but there are also lots of airbnb options in the city. We hope to have some local performers who have a couch, or air mattress to offer out of towners as well.

What transportation options are available?
We will do our best to coordinate rides for you to and from the airport. Lyft and Uber are very active in the city as well.

What dining options are available?
We will be compiling a list of recommendations, that will be sent to you once we confirmed you have been accepted. There is so much good food here in New Orleans, it is hard to go wrong!

What local events or attractions are available?
Can we just say New Orleans? The city is beautiful, and magical, and has so much to offer. There aren't any major festivals happening during our improv festival, but there is still plenting to do!

Festival Information

How much stage time will performers receive?
Each group can expect to have one performance, that will be 25 minutes. We may have a jam at some point, and all performers will be welcome to join in.

What is the range of shows and styles the festival is seeking?
Our goal is to have a very diverse festival. We are open to all forms of improv. We are excited to showcase many different forms, and voices throughout the festival!

What is the local improv scene like?
Our scene has seen a lot of change in the last year. We wouldn't say they are accustom to any one style of improv.

What are the festival's goals?
We are hoping this festival will introduce our community to many different voices in improv. With that, we are wanting to have many different forms, and voices in this festival.

What unique improv experiences will performers gain?
We will be holding workshops through out the festival. We are hoping (haven't secured yet) to have some special deals for tours throughout New Orleans as well (bike tours, haunted tours, cemetery tours, bayou tours).